Letters of Recommendation

Dawn 2017

  I recently had the pleasure of working with Lobo Protective Services on our Production entitled "Dawn" in July of 2017.  This Letter of Recommendation comes as a show of support for this security company in the highest regard, which provided not only excellent set security but were very professional in their scope of work. We had numerous call time changes that were met at every turn with positive energy and punctuality, no matter the circumstance. As we all know that when dealing with productions, things change and fluctuate at a moments notice for a variety of reasons such as the weather, or daily schedule changes, and Lobo Protective Services were there to meet all of those challenges. David and Adrian, the owners of the company were able to work not only well with me, but the entirety of the production staff who spoke highly of their professionalism and willingness to help, with any situation. Adrian and the staff were extremely flexible, and it was an honor and privilege to work with such a competent and professional staff.  Sometimes security is overlooked in our profession, but I noticed a true difference with Lobo Protective Services. They are willing to meet the daily challenges, and with that being said, I lend my support wholeheartedly with tremendous enthusiasm to Lobo Protective Services. I will also share my experiences with others in the Industry. They (Lobo Protective Services) will be my go to company for security in the future as well. I hope this strong letter of support will speak volumes to you as a Location Manager, or U.P.M. as it is my belief that this is the best security company in the state of New Mexico. Lobo Protective Services is deserving of the opportunity and I recommend that you allow them to show you what they can do for your production!   Sincerely,       Tara Tovarek  Strangelove Productions Corp.  54 Franklin Street STE 2F New York, NY 10013 1-646-762-0998 shipoil@gmail.com   

Will Gardner 2017

  This letter serves as a letter of the highest recommendation for Lobo Protective Services.  I recently had the pleasure of working with Lobo on a feature film, covering over 21 locations over the span of 2 months: often several over the course of one day. As with all film production, the dynamics involved are always fluctuating and unique, requiring not only flexibility but agility, which Lobo demonstrated without flaw or question.  I have also had the pleasure of working with David Carvajal on a large scale feature film in the summer of 2016, where he exhibited his exceptional skills as not only a security services professional, but one who could be relied on without question, at any time, with any task or situation at hand.  It is with enthusiasm and without hesitation that I recommend Lobo Protective Services as a security company: indeed Lobo is my primary preferred company for any future projects.  Sincerely yours,  Chee Ho    michi01@earthlink.net